Real Marketing is About Connection

At Sekhana, we believe that marketing should be about creating an authentic connection to your audience and helping them solve their problems using the power of authentic emails.


The Spirit of Giving

A gas station near me gives away free popcorn.

Not free popcorn with purchase. Not free popcorn with a bad look if you don't buy something.

They just delight in giving away free popcorn to anyone who wants it.

I love this. Popcorn is a favorite of mine. I stop in all the time to get some.

I don't buy something every time I'm there, but that is the only place I buy gas. I have probably spent more money at that gas station than any other gas station in the area.

All because of free popcorn and an open heart.

The owners delight in helping people. And they were rewarded with very loyal customers.

Email works the same way.

If your emails authentically connect and help your customers, you will be greatly rewarded for it.

Most businesses don't send emails like this.

Most businesses send ads. Unhelpful in any way other than to part you with your money. It's no wonder why most place’s emails don’t work.

But there is another way.

Your emails can stand out from the crowd.

You can build a loyal following that will always turn to you with their business.

We are here to show you how.

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